Career at Servsys

We’ll match you to opportunities that enable you to realize your skills, attain new experience and reach a higher level of personal success.

Whether you are just entering the technology workforce or you’re a seasoned pro with many years of experience, Servsys connects you to the industry’s most respected companies nationwide.

Taking a hands-on approach to your career goals, we’ll match you to opportunities that enable you to realize your skills, attain new experience and reach a higher level of personal success.


We were also employees earlier and we know the value of an employee. We always strive hard to ensure that we provide the conducive environment for excellence, equal opportunity, health benefits, flexible plans and most importantly, we have empathy for the co-worker.

Medical / Dental / Vision / Prescription Health Insurance

Choose a medical plan and other supplemental plans that are best for you and your family through our exclusive agreement with one of the largest healthcare networks.

Vacation / Personal / Holiday PTO

We care about our employees and we believe that a healthy work-life balance is one of the keys to success in any business. As arranged with your recruiter.

Flexible Benefits Packages

If you can’t work due to short-term illness, injury, or pregnancy, our benefits can help you. Since everyone has different needs, we don’t have a one-size- fits-all benefits package.


At Servsys, life is larger than work. We engage all our consultants in social activities, community work, voluntary teaching activities and other things as corporate social responsibility. Come and join us to experience life at larger and still have rewarding career.

Voluntary Teaching

We encourage our staff to pick up voluntary teaching to help the under-previliged students of our neighbouring schools.

Community Work to give back

We believe that community has its own role in our growth story and our ability to succeed. We indulge in community work to help the needy.

Helping hand in time of disater

We have extended our helping hand in all our locations during the time of natural calamity. We feel that it is our responsibility to bring back the smiles on our fellow citizens.

Current Openings

Servsys Corp seeks System Administrators, Network Engineers/Administrators, DBAs, Software Engineers with minimum qualification of Bachelor's degree in an area of study that is closely related to each preferred position. Primary worksite is Dallas TX, but relocation is possible on case basis. Contact us at [email protected] for more info.

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