IT Project Management Services

Here at Servsys, we provide an array of IT solutions including infrastructure services, IT staffing as well as competitive Cisco Spark packages. However, our IT project management services allow you to take a back seat and let our highly skilled team do the hard work for you.

Throughout the life cycle of a project, you should follow project management process and documentation standards to the letter which provides the product team with immediate feedback in status meetings, which then allows for the incorporation of improvements in work approach. Our four step system gives you input into your project from the very first initiating phase, where we create working documents outlining the details of the project for all parties involves; right through to the closing phase where Servsys manages the closure of the project, working to provide a lasting positive impression to the client and everyone involved. We will complete the project execution tasks, facilitate the technical handover, and carefully inspect all deliverables for quality and effectiveness.

So for executive IT project management services provided by a leading and reputable company where we let you focus on running your business while we take care of the IT. Contact us today to see how we can help you.